Yumi Yanagizaki

I was born in Japan near Tokyo and came to Victoria to study at Uvic.(MA). I speak English and Japanese fluently, with survival level German ability. I worked at a research institute of power industry in Japan, since then I have mainly involved in technical documentation work such as international patent. I also did some teaching in Canada, NZ, and in Japan. My first exposure to real estate work in Victoria started with working behind a managing broker in the background from time to time. I realized many people from Japan are buying properties in Victoria without having proper knowledge of real estate, perhaps due to lack of local knowledge, difference in real estate systems, and possibly due to language barriers. At one point there was no Japanese realtor available here in Victoria, this gave me an initial motivation to get a real estate license and become a realtor. But I will be quite happy to serve anybody who needs expertise in this area. Real estate work provides me a huge reward to get to know people whom I might have never come across in my life if I were sitting in front of a computer screen all day long. If there is something that needs to be clarified, I always do thorough research until satisfied. This may have something to do with my family history, but I enjoy pond garden and Yoga.